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ASS goes London                                                                                                           

On the 27th of April we left Groß-Zimmern at 3 am. After 11 hours of travelling we arrived at the French coast. We got on the ferry and after our one hour trip we got on the bus again and drove through Dover.
After two hours (actually three because we had a little problem with the navigation system of the coach) we arrived in Lower Sydenham and walked through a little part of Sydenham until we had to get back to our meeting point at the Lidl. Our host family came at 7 p.m. to pick us up. 

(Ronja Rudolph, Hendrik Herbert, Hannah Wiedekind)

Our first day in London (28.04.14) Part I (Shakespeare’s Globe and London Eye)
Our first day in London was great. After a short walk through London we arrived at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. There we have a guided tour with our guide Laureen. She was really funny and told us much about “stinky people” who visited Shakespeare´s plays. We went to the second Globe, because the first had burned down in the Great Fire of London in 1666. It is near the River Thames. Our tour was great and it´s worth visiting. After that we walked from St. Paul`s Cathedral to London Eye. The queue was very long and so we are afraid that we would have to wait very long but fortunately we didn’t have to wait as long as we thought. From the top of the London Eye we had a breathtaking view all over London. The tour took half an hour and it was very great. We saw all the famous sights like Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and so on. After that we had some free time to go shopping or eat something. Then we went to Big Ben and we saw policemen with machine guns. After that we walked past the Horse Guards to Trafalgar Square.

(Max Heizmann, Tom Lämmermann, Fabian Janowitz, Nils Bellgardt)

Our first day in London (28.04.14) Part II (Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square)
We´ve been at Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, but we had to walk, because the underground was on strike. Of course, we wanted to sit on the famous lions at Trafalgar Square, but the security told us that we were not allowed to sit on them, which is a shame! Nelson´s Column was also pretty cool. Everything was very exciting and we were looking forward to seeing Piccadilly Circus. Since we were walking through London, we could see loads of sights in a short time and everyone took great pictures. At Piccadilly Circus we met some nice and talented street artists like Yoda and beat boxers. We had the chance to walk in small groups, you could go to Leicester Square and see the great M&M´s World or you could just relax and sit on the ground enjoying the big and amazing area of Piccadilly Circus.

(Hendrik Müller, Julie Scharna, Melis Tanriverdi, Patrick Wiesenfeld)

Windsor Castle (29.04.14)
After a one-hour train journey we had reached Windsor Castle, the Queen’s favourite castle and her summer residence. At the entrance we got audio guides. Audio guides are small walkie-talkies which tell you about the sights and places in the castle. On the way through the castle everything had a number you had to press on the audio guide to get some information about it. The way led us through the outside area and then into the gigantic castle. Every space was so big and nicely decorated. When the way slowly led us in the direction of the exit, we saw a guard. The guards are the protectors of the Queen and also of buildings. They wear red uniform and a black long fur cap. The Guards have to carry out a small ritual every few minutes while they make a march. Actually, they may not move and not laugh, however we managed to make one guard laugh, because we started to sing “Happy” by Pharell Williams. Then we could go to the souvenir shop and then our visit to Windsor Castle was already over.

(Selina Ramm und Schila Schokuri)

Wembley Stadium (30.04.14)
On Wednesday 30th of April we went to Wembley Stadium by train. First we went to the lobby and got our tickets for the stadium tour. Then our tour guide Stevie introduced himself and he told us that the stadium had 2680 toilets. Later Stevie led us to the press conference room. There we could sit on the table where the man of the match, the team’s manager and press officer are sitting after the matches and answer the questions of the press. Stevie took pictures of us and our teachers, which was really funny. After that we went to the dressing rooms and we could see original jerseys of the players of the English national team and of some players of the Champions League’s final in 2013. Then we went through the tunnel to the pitch and we could see the cup. At the end we went to the shop and bought souvenirs for us and our families.

(Felix Herz, Malush Citak, Arne Leiter, Paula Schilke)

The Lion King (30.04.14)
On our fourth day we attended the musical: The Lion King.It was fantastic, because the music was great. It was African music and they played the music live!!! The scenery was nice and very colourful. Also the scenery was always different. The actors spoke English, but we could understand them. Their clothes were colourful, unusual and beautiful. We would like to visit the musical again if we could, because it was so amazing.

(Laura Bernjus, Vanessa Müller)

Shopping in Oxford Street (01.05.14)
Oxford Street is a very famous street in London. There are many shops like for example Louis Vuitton, Coco Chanel, Gucci, Forever 21, Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture, Abercrombie & Fitch and many more. Our trip to Oxford Street was planned for Tuesday, but the Underground was on strike, so we were told, that we weren’t able to go shopping. Of course every girl was upset. But on Thursday there was a big surprise for us: ‘Let’s go shopping!’ After that we shouted and we cried, because we were so happy. All in all we had a great time in London and we are looking forward to returning there soon!

 (Sophie Klasterer, Elaine Bausch, Lea Palmy and Luana Reitzel)